Form of Cooperation in China Sri Lanka Research Grant Project

  • Joint Research Center

          China Sri Lanka Joint Research Center for Water Technology Research and Demonstration.

  • Educational and training programs

          Provide opportunities to graduate candidates of both countries to pursue postgraduate degrees.

  • Bilateral symposium

         Bilateral symposium may be proposed by each party and held in each country.

  • Technology demonstration 

         Build technology demonstration facilities on groundwater treatment and rain water collection and use in Sri Lanka.

  • Exchange of Visits

         visit exchange of interested scientists and administrative personal to conduct and develop cooperative activities.

  • Cooperative research project and field investigations

         Based on Bilateral symposium and visit exchange of interested scientists and administrative personnel to conduct and develop cooperative              research project and field investigations will be initiated and implemented jointly by the parties.

  • Exchange of information and publication

         The parties will inform each other about their activities, development in the science and technology policies, and meetings, seminars to be               organized by them, and will encourage the exchange of their publications and the science information that may be of mutual interest. 

China Sri Lanka
Research Grant Project

Sri Lanka.

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